(#D1) Trader Performance Assessment



Our #1 GOAL for this TRADER PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT is to analyse your trading strategy and tactics and accurately identify your weaknesses and threats, so we can give you the help you need to resolve them and start working towards becoming a Top 1% Earner in Forex.

Who should take the assessment?

Any trader that wants a deeper understanding of the weaknesses and threats that are currently sabotaging their success and wants a plan they can implement to become a Top 1% Earner in Forex.

What is included in the assessment?

  1. The Beginner Video Course Bundle
  2. 6-Day Trader Performance Assessment
  3. Access to the MyFXBootcampCoach Performance Tool where you upload your trade plans and trade executions every day during the assessment
  4. A 2 hour Stop, Look and Correct Coaching Session at the end of the assessment where your Performance Coach provides you with feedback on each of your trade plans and entries, goes through your trading history for the last month and reviews your KPI scores, thereby helping you identify the specific weaknesses and threats that are sabotaging your success
  5. A Top 1% Earner Blueprint which covers everything discussed in your 2-hour SLC Coaching Session and provides you with a detailed plan on how to become a Top 1% Earner in Forex

What does the assessment cost?

The program costs $200 once off.

What video courses are included in The Beginner Video Course Bundle?

For more information about The Beginner Video Course Bundle, click here.