(#D3) MetaTrader’s Portfolio Manager Program with Live Fundamental Bias Group

$199.00 / month and a $1,200.00 sign-up fee


Our #1 GOAL for this MetaTrader’s Portfolio Manager Program with Live Fundamental Bias Group is to help traders build a performance model which is aligned to demo account trading results, over the period of three to twelve months. The performance model is used as a benchmark for the management of a three-year live account single currency portfolio at MetaTrader’s.

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Who should join this program?

Anyone who wants to become a Professional Portfolio Manager with a three-year, live account track record within the next four years.

What is included in this program?

  1. The Economist Video Course Bundle
  2. A Live Fundamental Bias Group webinar with Waye McDonell once a month
  3. Membership to MetaTraders Prop Fund
  4. A 3-year Profit and Loss Performance Model with an achievable and realistic risk-reward ratio and win-loss ratio that is based on CTA standards for risk management and maximum drawdown
  5. One 1-Hour Stop, Look and Correct Coaching Session per month. During your SLC Coaching Session, your FXBootcamp Performance Coach will be reviewing your trading performance for the previous month and helping you identify the reasons for any shortfalls between your demo trading results and your 3-year performance model
  6. Additional coaching sessions can be booked as and when needed

What does this program cost?

It costs $1,500 to join the group once off and the monthly subscription is $199. The subscription runs month-to-month. Additional coaching sessions over-and-above the five coaching sessions that we provide are charged at $199 per hour.

What video courses are included in The Economist Video Course Bundle?

For more information about The Economist Video Course Bundle, click here.

What is the MetaTraders Prop Fund?

For more information about MetaTraders Prop Fund, click here.